A New Category of Tools – Impact Driver Sockets and Bits

There are dozens of “kits” available from all the manufactures that have hex drive screwdriver bits in them. They work well in your screwdriver and fairly well in your cordless drill, but when you use them in your new cordless impact driver they don’t last long.

The next thing you know, the bits are stripping out the screws.

Milwaukee Shockwave

To fix this DeWalt, Milwaukee, and Makita have come out with better driver bits. These new bits for your impact driver are stronger, harder and should last much longer than the other screw driver bits. Of course they will work well in your drill/driver too!

by: Paul Sikkema

It will take some time for this category to shake out for terminology. There will be some confusion because there is a traditional category called impact driver bits and a traditional category called impact sockets. The traditional impact bits are used with the hammer impact tools and the sockets are used with air powered impact tools.

Milwaukee Shockwave

Dewalt Impact Ready

Makita Impact Driver Sets

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