Craftsman’s Best Gas Blower – Vac Review Model 79477

ToolBoxHero is going to review more home and garden products this year in addition to the best tools. Of course you can figure out the best riding mower or tractor at and the best snowblower at  Today I am going to review the Craftsman 2 Cycle Gas Blower/Vac Model 79477. This is a Craftsman “Black” model, meaning it is the best they have to offer. So is it? And how does it compare to the other models and brands?

by: Paul Sikkema

Buy Here: Craftsman 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Blower/Vac

I have probably used this blower about 30 times this year since I received it last August. I used it to blow leaves in the fall, vacuum leaves with the vacuum attachment, clean my driveway of birch twigs, blow dirt/sand from the patio and the raised bed projects.   It has started and ran perfectly every time.

But! I am seeing about 40 reviews online of owners complaining about problems. I am seeing people complain that it won’t start or it dies after very little use. I haven’t had any issues, but I am concerned when I see people complaining about the engine since that is the main part that makes this blower run. I talked to a few service techs and they stated that there are two main causes of  of these problems. 1 New owners do not read the manual and 2. New owners are using the wrong gas/oil mix.

Todays 2-cycle engines do not start the way your old one did. YOU MUST FOLLOW THE STARTING PROCEDURE EVERY TIME!  In addition the fuel-oil mix must be precise. I highly recommend buying the little bottles of synthetic oil mix and using a 1 gallon can so the fuel stays fresh. If you only use your 2-cycle engine every other week or less I highly recommend buying the premixed cans of fuel and make sure you buy the correct mix for your 2-cycle engine (2013 Craftsman uses 40/1 mix, Husqvarna residential uses 50/1 mix) Please read the manual including the troubleshooting section so if you have starting problems you can quickly figure out what you are doing wrong. 

I recommend using the synthetic oil or the new premix cans because I had to learn the hard way about carbon build-up in the spark arrester. When I owned the landscape company I had 1 or 2 handheld blowers on every truck. We used them on just about every lawn to blow the grass off the sidewalks and driveways.  We used them a lot so I bought 2-cycle oil in bulk and had the crews mix it right on the truck when they ran out. But it seemed I was buying new blowers every year. It didn’t matter if they were cheap Homelight’s or expensive Stihl’s, after about 20 hours of use they would become hard to start and most would not have the power or RPM’s they had when they were new. My repair shop was no help.  An AmsOil dealer finally explained what was happening. “Cheap 2-cycle oil leaves an ash that clogs the spark arrester.” This ash causes the blower to start hard and lose power over time. Once I switched to synthetic oil for the mix. most of my starting and power problems went away. 

So is it the best?

As A Blower:

Craftsman 79477 Blower Vac

79477 with high velocity tip

The blower has a good balance and weighs 10.5 lbs. When using at full throttle, I didn’t feel like I was fighting the blower.  It was very easy to control and point in any direction I wanted. Plus the vibration is very low on this blower. My hands or arms were not hurting or tingling when I was done.

The only negative I have is a minor one, the air intake is on the left side of the blower. I am right-handed so every once in a while my pants would block the intake.

Easiest Starting?  This model uses Craftsman’s unique ” Sim-Pul starting technology.” The starting procedure is the simplest of any gas powered blower on the market.  Just push the primer bulb 6 times, move the lever on the carb to start, and then pull the rope. I have had this blower since August of last year and I have never had to pull the cord more than 3 times! If it does not start for you at this point flip the lever to run and pull the rope until it starts.  My wife also has no problems starting this blower/vac.


The Craftsman 4 cycle is the only trimmer in their line that may be easier to start. Only, because with the optional speed start you can use your drill to start that one.

Why 2 cycle? I see a lot of other blogs touting 4 cycle because you don’t have to have separate fuel for your hand held blowers and trimmers, but if you want the most power for the weight a 2 cycle is still the way to go. With the new premixed/stabilized/premium fuels like the Craftsman 40: 1 2-Cycle Fuel Mix is pretty much a mute point. The fuel is premixed and has up to a 2 year shelf life. You don’t have to have an extra gas can around. Yes you can still mix your own.

Blows well: This Craftsman has a good blowing speed of 215 mph with 470 CFM. This makes it the strongest residential handheld on the market.  The video below shows me blowing leaves a foot thick with no problems.  I have also used this to blow large amounts of sand off my brick patio when I resanded it last fall. I also used it to blow 2 inches of snow off that patio this winter and it actually did the job quickly. It has more than enough power for around the home tasks.


It also has a cruise control. The cruise is mainly used when sucking up leaves but it does come in handy when blowing large areas.  You just pull the variable speed trigger and move the cruise control lever. To release the cruise you have to move the lever itself.

High velocity tip: All of these blowers don’t move wet grass well using the standard high volume tube. One little feature that this blower has is a removable, high velocity tip. Clip the tip on and the blower will blow wet grass off the sidewalk, blow snow and wet leaves out for your landscape beds.

Highest MPH and CFM


As a Vacuum:

Craftsman 79477 Blower Vac

Set up as a Vac

I did not make a video of the 79477 vacuuming leaves. I know thousands of you use this blower/vac all the time to suck up leaves and chop them up in the fall but for me I get bored to quickly to use one of these to vacuum the leaves on my one acre yard. That said, I did install the bag and vacuum attachment and filled up the bag twice this spring. We raked out all of the landscape beds and put the leaves, sticks and other debris in piles on the lawn. We use ground up cypress for mulch so there were plenty of these 1 inch by 3 to 5 inch chunks of wood chips in the piles. This Craftsman gas blower/vac has a shredder built into the vacuum and it did a good job of chopping up the leaves. I was concerned that I would break the chipper with the mulch chips but I could see no damage to it after I sucked up those piles. The vacuum did a very good job chopping up dry leaves into tiny pieces but did not chop up wet leaves. It just sucked them up and into the bag. I guess that is to be expected with this style of vacuum.

Some dud faking using the vac.

Some dude faking using the vac.

If you have a normal in-town lawn with a few trees these blower/vacs work well but if you have dozens of trees, (I have 35, my neighbor over 150) then they are just not big enough to vacuum and shred all those leaves.  The electric shredders that fit over a garbage can are no better. You will need a Chipper/Shredder like the Craftsman LEAFWACKER 3-Way Chipper Shredder 50 States 10 x 4 in. or Earthquake Chipper Shredder – 212cc 11 in. x 1.75 in.

How does it compare to the other models and brands?

I looked at the specs for all the other brands. The Husqvarna 125BVx at $199 is the only handheld blower currently on the market with as much rated velocity and volume. Here’s a quick list.

Craftsman 215 MPH/470 CFM 2-Cycle Gas Blower/Vac (This one is reviewed here)
Hitachi 170 mph 441 CFM Hand Held Blower Only
Craftsman 25cc 210mph / 450 cfm Gas Blower
Ryobi 4-Cycle 155 mph 400 CFM Gas Blower Only
Ryobi 150 mph 400 CFM Gas Blower Vac
Craftsman 150MPH and 450CFM 4-Cycle Handheld Blower Only
Husqvarna 170 MPH/470 CFM Blower Only
Husqvarna 170 MPH/470 CFM Blower Only with Vacuum Kit
Yard Man 425 CFM and 165 MPH Blower Vac
Poulan Pro 210mph / 450 cfm Blower Vac
STIHL 143 MPH/418 CFM Blower Only Residential
STIHL 190 MPH/459 CFM Blower Only Commercial

Note: STIHL (and everyone else) recommends use of fuel with no more than 10% Ethanol content. Using fuel with greater than 10% Ethanol content may cause damage to your equipment and may void your STIHL warranty

Buy Here: Craftsman 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Blower/Vac

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