Craftsman Professional 10 in. Table Saw Model 22116 Review

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An Old Favorite Improved!

Craftsman’s newest Professional Saw features a granite table and extensions provides a  smooth, flat, no rust surface for accurate cuts.  With the large 40 in. x 27 in. table with integral riving knife and quick connect blade guard, this will quickly become your favorite saw.  The arbor now has a locking pin for easy blade exchanges.   The completely new 37-3/8 in. steel rip fence is the best Sears has made themselves and has HPE side panels for accurate cutting.  If you are looking for a good cabinet saw under $1000, it is worth your time to check this one out.  This new model has the same feel and look to the Craftsman Model 22124 it replaces, But has more features, updated safety items, but for less money!   Sears did a great job with this replacement.

Here is a quick link purchase this saw and pick it up at your nearest Sears: Craftsman Professional 1-3/4 HP Premium Hybrid 10″ Table Saw (22116).


Sears is getting very light on their catalog descriptions so I’ll go through the specs and elaborate enough so you can make an informed decision. (The italicized statements are from the description)

Solid and powerful, the 1 3/4-hp capacitor start motor delivers 3,450 rpm: This is the fully enclosed heavy induction motor that will give you plenty of torque to cut even the hardest wood. The system is belt drive with heavy, cast iron supports and mounts (trunnions.). It is a quiet motor.  The on/off bump switch is located in a good location.

Heavy-duty granite table features granite extensions all supported by a sturdy  steel cabinet. The main table and side extensions are granite. The granite is thick and finished to a nice smooth polished surface. 30 inch right cut, 13 inch left cut capacity.  12 inches from front of table to the blade.  Overall table size is  40 1/4″ x 27″. Standard dimension table so it will be easy to make your own extensions or buy after-market accessories. The totally enclosed cabinet is made of bolt up panels that are finished in the standard Craftsman gray. The whole thing goes together well. The fit and finish is as good as the old 22124 you have seen on display in your local Sears for the last 6 years.

Features 10-inch left tilt arbor:  Front of table to blade. 12 inches. Depth of cut 3 5/8 inches Tilt 45 degrees.  The industry standard left tilt 5/8 inch arbor handles up to a 10 inch blade and a 13/16 dado.  One thing I really like is an arbor lock so you only need one wrench to change the blade.  This saw uses a cabinet mounted trunnion so it is relatively easy to align periodically.  Most cabinet saws are built this way and are designed to give you years of use. The riving knife (splitter) and blade guard are easily interchangeable and both are designed to stay on the saw . The saw meets the new 2009 safety standards. It comes with a standard width throat plate.  (I can show you how to make additional throat plates using a router and template bit.  Just ask)

T-square fence with front/rear lock: The large 37 3/8 fence locks in the front and you can easily adjust it parallel to the blade if it gets out of alignment.  The steel fence has poly faces that are easily replaceable or interchangeable with jigs and fixtures you make yourself.  The 52 inch rails are solid and will work well even with a lot of sawdust on the table.

4-inch Dust Port: Industry standard port. You will need a waste gate to complete the assembly.

Includes miter gauge and blade. The 22116 uses the industry standard 3/4 inch  T-slot miter gauge with nose roller so you can use after market attachments in the slot. The blade it comes with is a good 60 tooth Craftsman blade, but be prepared to buy the right blade for your application. Myself, I have 14 different blades for different tasks but a 40 tooth carbide blade for general purpose cutting of panels and pine and a 60 tooth carbide blade for the finish work will get you started.

Wt. 482.0 lbs. It is a nice heavy saw.  You will have to buy a roller stand if you want to move it around.


If you are ready to build fine furniture, kitchen cabinets and other woodworking where you need a perfect cut you can buy TENRYU Blades.  These blades are just about the best out there and will take your cutting to a whole new level.  (The link is through Amazon)


Very similar to the Craftsman 22124 it replaces in features but less money! Sears did a great job with this replacement.

Great saw for the money. Has a granite top.

Meets all the 2009 Safety Standards. It has a real usable riving knife!

Good solid fence. The fence has t-slots to accept accessories and jigs. It is a standard width so you can use your old Biesmeyer  jigs.

Plenty of room in front of the blade.

Has an arbor lock so you only need one wrench to change the blade!


You must assemble this saw and the instructions are not the best Sears has written.  But the saw goes together easily and there are no surprises.  Even the fence assembled easily and lined up quickly.  Read the instructions two or three times, lay out all the parts and go through a dry run of the assembly BEFORE assembling the saw. Personally I have assembled over a dozen cabinets saw and this one only took me 2 hours to assemble.

Myself I like the fact that I put the saw together. I know all the parts that make up the saw, the quality and that it is assembled correctly. By assembling it myself I know where all the adjustments are and I can now quickly check the alignments from time to time.

I suggest using your own tools. You will need a 10 mm Open End Wrench, a 13mm Open End Wrench, a 4mm Hex Wrench, a 5mm Hex Wrench, and a 8mm Hex Wrench as bare minimum. I also suggest a set of ratcheting combination wrenches or a 3/8 inch metric ratchet set. You need a high quality 12 inch or larger straight edge to line up the table extensions. I used my 24 inch aluminum level as the straight edge for that task. I also used a dial caliper to check the parallel alignment of the fence to the blade.

My Final Thoughts:

I like this saw.  It would make a great replacement to my old 22114.  It is a good solid saw for the money.  Is this the right saw for you?  That’s up to you to decide.

To learn more and purchase this saw go here: Craftsman Professional 1-3/4 HP Premium Hybrid 10″ Table Saw (22116). You can order it through this link and pick it up at your nearest store. If you don’t have a vehicle big enough for the box (a van or pickup is needed) you can have it delivered for a normal fee. You can buy an optional 5 year Purchase Plan from Sears for this saw for around $80. This will cover anything that goes wrong with the saw (except the blade and physical abuse.) It includes a yearly inspection by a qualified tech at your request.


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