Craftsman Table Saw with Leg Set Model 21807 Review Update

I reviewed the Craftsman Table Saw with Leg Set Model 21807 over a year ago.  It’s time to update the review.

Buy it here:  
Craftsman 10″ Table Saw with Laser Trac (21807)
and pick it up at your local Sears, Sear Hometown, or Sears Hardware.

Craftsman has just introduced an expanded line of homeowner and contractor saws. Go here to see the new ones. New Craftsman Portable Saws 

The saw features the new 2009 safety standards including a real working riving knife and a Laser Trac™ for guiding your cut.  This is the cheapest saw in the current Craftsman line-up that meets the 2009 standards.

Craftsman Homeowner Saw

If you need a good basic homeowner table saw this is just what you’re looking for.

by: Paul Sikkema


    • Riving Knife System raises and lowers with saw blade to prevent kick backs.  This is an actual working riving knife that actually works well.  It is designed to keep the same gap between the blade and the knife no matter how low or high the blade is raised.
    • Quick release blade guard. You can remove the guard and anti-kick-pawls if required.  The blade guard also incorporates a Laser Trac™ that projects a line onto your work.
    • large 19-5/8 in. x 25 in. cast aluminum work table expands to 55-1/2 in. with two aluminum telescoping extension wings.
    • Rear steel out-feed support allows you to rip longer pieces of wood without it falling off the saw.
    • 10 in. 36T Carbide-Tipped Blade.
    • On board storage for miter gauge, rip fence, push stick, blade wrenches, extra blades (sold separately) and cord wrap.  The saw packs up nicely for transport.
    • dust collection bag and unique clip system allow for easy removal and disposal of sawdust.
    • Steel stand that clips or bolts to the saw.  Quick release base clamping system allows for quick separation of base for easy transportation
    • two roller wheels located on the steel stand allow for convenient portability
    • Aluminum rip fence
    • Adjustable T-slotted miter gauge with ball detent indexes every 15 degrees allow for straight and angled cuts.


This is a homeowner saw.  It is not a professional contractor saw or a replacement for a cabinet saw.  I am going to spend a little time going through each complaint from reviews on about this saw, and explain why these perceptions probably won’t matter to you.

Don’t get me wrong.  I like this saw and it is the best saw for the money in the Craftsman saw line-up if you want to fix things around the house, do home improvements or even build a shed or garage.  It is the cheapest saw out there that meets the new safety standards.

The saw expands well and can easily handle a 4 X 8 sheet of plywood. It is powerful enough to rip oak stair steps and treated deck lumber.  The saw is only about 65 lbs. which makes it very portable  so you may want to hang a couple of sandbags on the saw’s legs to keep it stable when cutting large pieces of wood.

It has a drop bag dust collection.  It is better than nothing, but it will still get sawdust all over the work area. Here’s the trade-off.  You can buy a saw like the Craftsman Professional 15 amp 10″ Professional Jobsite Saw with a dust port so you can hook up a shop vac, but you will not be able to start both the saw and the vac on the same 15 amp circuit.  Besides shop vacs are noisy and this saw is noisy so you will have to wear hearing protection when running both at the same time.

It does not have the industry-standard 3/4 inch miter slot.  The miter slot on this saw will not accept the after-market miter gauges and accessories.  For 90% of us this is not a problem.  For the rest of you that want a cheap saw that accepts the 3/4 inch miter bar buy the Craftsman Professional 15 amp 10″ Professional Jobsite Saw

Another option on the miter slot.  I personally own a Craftsman 22114 Table Saw and a Craftsman 10″ Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw (21237) 5/8 in..  I build a lot of furniture so I need accurate cross cuts.  I use the Table Saw to make my rip cuts and the Miter Saw to make all of my crosscuts.  Even though the 22114 has a good quality standard miter slot table saw, I always had problems getting my crosscuts and angles just right.  By using the 21237 sliding compound miter saw to make my crosscuts I now can get the accuracy I always was lacking using a table saw.  If you buy the Craftsman 10″ Table Saw with Laser Trac (21807) consider using it for your rip cuts and crosscuts over 10 inches and buy a Craftsman 10″ Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw (21237) 5/8 in. to make your crosscuts.  (Buy a decent 60 to 80 tooth blade for the miter saw)

The miter slot has play in it.  The miter slot is designed to stay clean so the miter gauge will move freely.  It is accurate enough to cut most cross-cuts for your normal homeowner repairs.  The downside of this is will not give you accurate cuts if you are trying to make fine furniture.  If you want a highly accurate saw look at the Craftsman 10 in. Contractor Saw (Sears#21833)

It is not a belt drive saw.  Belt drive saws use a completely enclosed induction motor that is much quieter than the motor in this saw. They are also much heavier (usually 400 lbs or more) and more expensive. (the cheapest belt drive saw is $550)  If you want a good inexpensive belt drive saw, buy the Craftsman 10 in. Contractor Saw (Sears#21833).  The guys who complain about this saw not being a belt drive want a direct replacement to the old Craftsman that only lasted them 40 years and are now complaining that they can’t find a saw like their old one for under $100.

You need a few hand tools to assemble the saw.  It takes a hour or two to assemble.  It comes in a box that will easily fit into your trunk or backseat.

The saw was pulled from the market in November 2008 for a month to fix a switch but since then the saw has been in stock all the time.

Myself I would use the 36 tooth blade the saw came with for general purpose cuts and cutting up scrap.  Otherwise I would put in a good 50 tooth blade.

If you are looking for a higher quality saw for a reasonable price look at the

Craftsman Professional 15 amp 10″ Professional Jobsite Saw

Craftsman 10 in. Contractor Saw (Sears#21833)

Buy it here:  
Craftsman 10″ Table Saw with Laser Trac (21807)
and pick it up at your local Sears, Sear Hometown, or Sears Hardware.  They will gladly deliver it for a reasonable charge.

New Craftsman Table Saw

Craftsman Job Site Saw

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