Craftsman Tape Measures – Now a Classic!

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There is good news and bad news in this article about Craftsman Tape Measures.  Be sure to read the entire article to understand how it affects you.

Do you remember these classic Craftsman tape measures?

My Grandfather’s Craftsman Tape

Craftsman Yellow

Craftsman Red

Of course you remember the red case.  It is the one that was sold until June 1, 2010.

Craftsman has decided to get out of the tape measure business for the time being.   They will continue to sell Stanley and other brands but there will no longer be a Craftsman branded tape measure.  The why is not important, but how this can benefit you is.

WAIT! I have a Craftsman tape measure and it’s guaranteed for life! Yes, all the tape measures except the red cased ones are guaranteed for life.  If you ever break one just return it to your local store and Sears will gladly replace it with a comparable product. (They never said “exact model”)

The red ones have always had a limited warranty.  The case and rewind mechanism have a full warranty, but the tape itself never has. You could buy a replacement tape if you cut or broke it. (read the back of the packaging the red tape came on)


Here is where you can benefit from this change.  There are three options available to you and all of them are set up by Sears so you actually get the better of the deal.

Option One: Sears does have some existing stock of the red cased tape measures so you can exchange your broken tape if you want. These tapes are not for sale, they will just be available for customers who want a replacement Craftsman tape.  If the tape you have is no longer available (out of stock at the store you are at) they will gladly replace it with a comparable red tape (i.e., 25 foot lever for a 25 foot grip)  Remember, the metal tape is NOT warrantied, if it is broke, cut, or cracked you can buy a replacement tape to put into your case.

Option Two: If you chose, Sears will replace your tape with a comparable Stanley Leverlock or Powerlock tape measure.  You can get either a plastic or metal case Leverlock! (Be nice, if you bring in a 25 footer don’t ask for a 50 foot in return) You will get a receipt with this exchange and if the Stanley breaks you can get a replacement through Stanley.  The Stanley carries a manufacture defect warranty.  This warranty covers missing tape rivets, broken spring, defective case, defective lock, and blade armor coating missing.

Option Three: Here is the good news!

You can get a Sears gift card for the retail price of the Red Discontinued Tape Measure!   Even though most of us bought the tape on sale (about $9.99) Sears will, if you chose, give you a gift card for the retail price plus local tax!  Here are the prices you can expect. Models 37391, 37392, 37394, $14.99.  Model 37393 $16.99. Model 37395 $11.99 and Model 37396 $8.99

Summary: I like what Sears is doing here.  Even though they are getting out of the tape measure business, they are putting the customer first.  This is a great example of being positive, being proactive, and being responsible to the customer.

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