Farmall 18 inch Cantilever Split-Top Tool Box

If your son, husband, dad or daughter wears a Farmall cap this toolbox is the perfect accessory. Anyone who restores Farmall’s and wants to have a complete collection will also love this reproduction toolbox. It’s exactly like the one I remember my dad had growing up. Piano hinge, brown, wrinkled finish, and cantilevered top. It was always the first box that got pulled out when we had to work on the equipment.

Buy Here From Sears: Farmall IH 18″ Cantilever Split-Top Tool Box Brown

Farmall 18″ Cantilever Split-Top Tool Box

(From Sears) This weather-resistant Farmall Cantilever Split-Top Tool Box is made from solid steel and features heavy-plated lockable latches and full-width piano hinges. Four cantilever trays open to 10 adjustable dividers, providing loads of space for your tools. Capacity is a generous 1,682 cubic inches. Special wrinkle finish and the great Farmall name says it all!

Buy Here From Sears: Farmall IH 18″ Cantilever Split-Top Tool Box Brown

We had Farmall tractors on the dairy farm where I grew up in northern Illinois. In fact I still have the Super H my father bought new in 1953. He retired it to the back corner of a shed many years ago but I grabbed it about 15 years ago and restored it. After that my father and I showed it for a while at the Red Power Roundup’s but now it’s used to just pull floats in the local parades.

I always pulled the float in the Grundy County Corn Festival Parade for my daughter’s 4H Group when she was growing up. Last year she asked if she could have the Super H so she could continue the tradition with her kids…..I think she needs a Farmall Tool Box of her own.

1953 Farmall Super H

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