New 2.25 HP Digital Plunge Base Router From Craftsman!

Did you know Craftsman is introducing a whole new line of routers?

Craftsman has just introduced a new line of fixed base and plunge routers.  These great new routers have some great new features that will help you perform your routing tasks easily and with greater precision than ever before.

The router I will be showing you is the new 2.25 HP Digital Plunge Base Router Model 27669 from Craftsman. Craftsman sent me the Model 09-27669 Digital Plunge Base Router to review and here are my first impressions of it.  I am going to go through all the features and give you my opinion of each feature.

Craftsman Model 27669 Digital Router

First off this new router looks and feels like the very popular existing Craftsman router line it is replacing.  The rest of the industry appears to be headed to sub-compact routers, but I for one like this base size.  I just don’t feel the sub-compacts from the other manufactures are big enough and stable enough for most woodworking tasks.  This new Craftsman router is lightweight.  This size base gives me good stability on all work surfaces and yet is small enough to work on even those tiny jewelry boxes.  Your current Craftsman sub-base plates, bushings, pantagraph, router table and accessories will fit.  It comes with both a 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch collets for hobby and professional router bits.

12.0 Amp, 2.25 HP, Variable Speed Motor with Digital Readout. The 12.0 Amp motor is permanently sealed, has top and bottom ball bearings and a 10,000 to 25,000 variable speed RPM settings.  The top-mounted LCD display allows you to easily set up the router. (More about the display later)  With replaceable brushes this motor will last a long, long time.

6 Variable Speeds. The speed is easily controlled from the top-mounted LCD panel and you know precisely what you router is set on. You can slow this router down for those big raised panel bits and speed it up to get those perfect laminate edges.

Soft Start Motor Technology. I use a 10 year old single speed, 2 hp router all the time without this feature and it is always an exciting moment when I turn the router on.  If you are not hanging on with both hands it will go dancing across your work table. This new soft start is great!  When you turn the motor on it starts slowly and comes up to speed without any torque twist at all.  In fact, I tested the soft start by not touching the router and flipping the ON switch.  The router never moved as it started and came up to speed.

NEW Digital Readout. Yes, there have been a few routers with an LCD panel before, but I like this new panel.  This panel lets you set the type of bit you are using, the diameter of the bit and the type of material you are routing.  The router uses this information to set the proper RPM for the application.  The display shows icons for the bit type, size and type of material. I read the manual once and then tried the display.  The setup is very intuitive and easy to use.

Electronic Feedback Circuitry. Coupled with the display is the Electronic Feedback Circuit.  This Feedback Circuit is like a govenor on your lawn mower.  With the older routers you always noticed the router would slow down when it hit a harder section of the material or would slow down if you pushed the work through to fast.  This new circuitry senses the increased load and keeps the bit at a constant speed.  To test this I inserted a 1/2 inch round over bit and used it on a 4 foot length of hard maple.  The router never slowed down no matter how fast I ran the maple through it.

LED Lighting. Three super-bright LEDs on the bottom of the motor housing really light up the work area.  This was always a problem for me with older routers-I couldn’t see the work very well.  The new lighting makes it easy for me to see exactly what I am doing.

Rack and Pinion Height Adjustment and  Depth Stop Turret. The aluminum base uses the familiar 4-position depth stop so you can make deep cuts in three or four passes.  In addition there is a Height Adjustment knob on the depth rod that allows you to tweek your cut in 1/64 inch incrediments.   This helps you get the perfect depth for those intricate cuts. The big thumb lock for the plunge slide is quick and locks repeatedly well.

Vacumn Port Accessory Included. This vacumn port actually works.  It screws into the base and covers the entire cutting area.  The 1 1/4 inch hose fitting is just the right size for your Craftsman 19.2 volt C3 Cordless Vac.

Above Table Depth Rod Tool. In addition to using this router as a handheld it can easily be installed in a Craftsman Router Table.  Your bit depth is easily adjusted from the top of the table with the supplied hand crank.  This is so much easier than your old router where you have to reach under the table, unlock the base and spin a ring.

Tear Drop Handles. The handles fit my hands well.  They are not to0 big or too small and are comfortable with the router in any position.

Heavy Duty Precision Machined Base with Clear Sub-Base. Your existing Craftsman sub-bases and bushings mount quickly.  The quick release motor latch makes changing your bit a breeze!

Spring Loaded Spindle Lock. The spindle lock is located on the working end of the router.  You can change your bits just one wrench. The supplied wrench actually has a cushioned handle!

Full View Chip Deflector. If you decide not to use the supplied vacumn attachment there is a good chip deflector to keep the chips from flying all over you. (Always wear safety goggles when using a router.)

The 27669 Kit Includes. Router, Plunge Base, 1/4 and 1/2 inch collets, Clear Sub Base, Collet Wrench, Depth Adjustment Wrench, Edge Guide, Vac Adapter, All Screws for Mounting Attachments, and a Nice, Heavy Duty Soft Carrying Case.

The 27669 comes with a 1 Year Warranty and you can purchase the opitonal 3 year money-back Sears Protection Plan.

Go Here To Purchase This Great New Router: Craftsman Model 27669 Digital Router




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