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About MovingSnow.com

MyCountryAcre #mycountryacre

Hello, I’m Paul Sikkema.

I’m a real person – not a picture of an old man with white hair on some perfect website owned by someone in the Far East. OK, the hair is getting white…..I won’t tell you where I live but the pictures on this page are from my back yard.

The Dawn Redwood. This tree was assumed to be extinct until a small grove was found in the early 50’s. This tree is special because it is growing farther north than it should. It within a few feet of living half-way between the equator and the North Pole.

This area of Northern Wisconsin is too cold for my favorite tree – the Japanese Maple. So I decided to trim up the apple tree to look like one. The side benefit is the apples are huge!

Old Blue. This Hosta is over 75 years old and once was part of Gerhart A. Kopf’s nursery stock at Bald Eagle Nursery in Fulton, Illinois. When he retired he allowed me to have this wonderful plant. It gets over 6 feet wide most years.

Just a “light” February snow.


Just a few of the snow blowers we tested this year.