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For the record: The information and reviews on this site are not paid reviews, endorsements or paid product placement. None, and I repeat none of the brands, dealers, retailers or entrepreneurs I work with pay me to discuss or promote their products. The information here –  like my snow blower videos on YouTube is to help you decide which is the best snow blower for you – not to promote a product for you to buy.

I have had many people so excited about the information on this site that they have asked, “How can I support this site? I want to send you money for all you have done.”

So how do I make money to operate this site? Read on.

I don’t “need” donations but you are welcome to support the work here in the following ways.

You can support my work here by simply reading and buying the products that are the best for you through the links on the review pages or through the store links below. When you use the links here and you buy something at the website they take you to I make a small commission from that sale. In other words, Every review I write has many man-hours of work put into it—many times more than what goes into a typical review that you see on other sites. If I recommend a good product, and you purchase through the “buy here” link I receive a small commission from the retailer when you make a purchase.  If the product was not the right one for you and you return it, I make nothing. I think that’s a fair system.

If I have helped you please tell your friends about the site. If you end up buying through your local dealer instead of these links that’s all right – just tell your friends about this site. That’s payment enough.

You can also use your favorite social site like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest to spread the word about and The easiest way is to use the social buttons on the page you are reading or copy the link shown in your browser and paste it into your Facebook Pinterest or LinkedIn feed.

Other ways to help keep this site running well: I will only send you to a retailer that I trust.

I only trust retailers that I have purchased from myself and have had a great experience with the entire process of buying through them. If you ever have a question about a website not listed on this page feel free to ask.

You’ll notice I usually link to Amazon for making many purchases. I have been an Amazon user for years and many, many readers have also purchased through Amazon with stellar results. Yes, many people are buying snow blowers and tractors through Amazon and have had wonderful results. In fact, many of the major brands like Husqvarna and Poulan Pro are now using Amazon as one of the primary ways to get you the products you want when you want them. Because of the convenience of Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping and Amazon’s great customer service, I think it’s among the most trusted ways to shop online. I’ll go so far to say that 999 out of 1000 people who have purchased products from Amazon on my sites agree. If you’d like to support my sites outside of buying a recommended product you can do so by shopping through any of the following links. I am part of the Amazon Influencers Program and have a “Shop” were I reccommend other products not discussed at

Click Here to go to my Amazon Shop


I have used Amazon Prime’s Service with its flat-rate two-day shipping and the included video streaming service. If you’re interested in supporting our work and trying out Prime, which usually costs $99 a year, you can try out a 30 day free trial.


Feel free to visit these other great review sites I trust:

I do my own in-house testing but I also trust the reviews from ConsumerSearch, Consumer Reports, and The Wirecutter. Feel free to visit their sites and support them anytime.

I also do interviews, make phone calls, write emails and consult the manufacturer’s websites to make my decisions. Many of the brands now have not only their sales websites but also parts listings, operators manuals and troubleshooting guides online. This non-sales information is invaluable when researching my reviews and distilling the facts from the marketing. I’m not going to list all of those resources here but thank you to all the owners and employees of all the Brands, Manufactures, and Dealers who help me to make this site’s information accurate.

Feel Free To Shop with these affiliated retailers:

Note: When you click on these logos and purchase an item on that site I make a small commission from the sale.



Acme Tools


I really do make enough off of commissions from you buying the products I recommend from the companies at the bottom of this article. So if you would rather help out an organization instead here are two that I like and trust. 

Even a dollar helps! I know there are a million other non-profits out there that also need our help but anytime you are in the Chicago area you may go and see the wonderful job this organization is doing with your donations. For over 20 years now they have been making a real difference in peoples lives.   Habitat For Humanity – Grundy-Three Rivers

I also recommend this organization. Your dollars go for a very specific use: Dogs 2 Dogtags is helping rescue dogs and veterans by training the dogs and then giving them to veterans with PTSD.

” At Dogs2DogTags, our goal is to pair a service dog in need of a home with a veteran in need of unconditional love and support. Because we know that a veteran’s battles aren’t always over when he or she returns home, and that a dedicated service dog, provided at no cost, can be one of the simplest and most effective ways in which we can all stand by these brave men and women.”

Habitat for Humanity


If you would like to donate to help this site:

If you would like to support the work I do here directly you may use this link: PayPal.Me/PaulSikkema. Money collected through PayPal will only be used to improve the experience on this site and purchase demos for testing and review. PayPal does not charge a fee for this transaction so any amount is always appreciated. (How much if fair? I normally make about $20 commission when you buy a snow blower through one of the links on this site)

Finally, When a review has been on the website for more than 90 days you will notice advertising at the top and the bottom of the article. These are either Amazon or Google Adsense ads and they allow me to make a little money from these historical reviews. I do not control the ads inside of these boxes. I only control that the boxes are there.  Please go here to read a Wikipedia explanation about Google Adsense.