The Best Snow Blowers For 2016-2017

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Welcome! This page will help you get started finding the right snow blower for you. This page is being updated and all the info you need will be up-to-date by September 15, 2016

Believe it or not, There’s more than one Best Snow Blower!

Remember! It’s not what I think is best, I’m here to help you find the best for you!
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There are new snow blowers this year but no 2015 snow blowers…

[alert-warning] Manufactures of snow blowers do not use model years to designate the latest snow blowing equipment in their lines. They use model numbers and only change those numbers when they significantly change that machine. [/alert-warning]

The Current Brands of Two Stage Snow Blowers:

Ariens, Craftsman, Cub Cadet, Honda, Husqvarna, Poulan Pro, PowerSmart, Remington, Simplicity, Snapper, Sno-Tek, Stanley, Toro, Troy Bilt, Yard Machines. Would you like to know more about the brands? Click Here: Which Snow Blower Brand Is Best For You?

There are around 150 two-stage snow blowers and 100  single stage snow blowers currently for sale in the U.S. market. I am going to write reviews of the best and most popular first. Then as I have time I’ll write reviews of the rest. I will not write reviews of the 1,000 or so Far East Snow Blowers that are trying to get into the U.S. market unless they have a parts and repair strategy in place. If you have questions though about these imports please leave a comment and my readers and I will answer it.

New Items For Fall 2015! I’ll add them as they are announced.

  • Husqvarna: Husqvarna completely rebuilt the residential and landowner snow blower lines last year and it has been a big hit! They have added one 24 inch model with power steering for this fall. You can check it out here: ST224P
  • Ariens: The Auto-Turn steering continues a proven winner. This year they are expanding the Deluxe and Platinum lines with more Super High Output impeller models that throw snow up to 55 feet! The entire line is getting a facelift with a new, easier to understand dash. The Deluxe 28 now has deep lug directional tires instead of the worthless Polar Trac’s. Check out the Ariens available online here: Ariens Snow Blowers
  • Craftsman: Craftsman is adding 5 new snow blowers this year. A new 243cc Quiet Technology engine to the 28 inch model and 4 new high output Craftsman Pro snow blowers. Check out the entire line here: Craftsman Snow Blowers
  • Cub Cadet: Introduced the 3X Line in 2014. 50% more capacity than their 2 stage line. I don’t see any changes yet on the website for 2015. Check out the Cub Cadet’s available online here: Cub Cadet Snow Blowers
  • Troy-Bilt: Troy-Bilt has added the FLEX snow blower to the Lowes exclusive line. It is one of four attachments for the FLEX Powerbase. Check out the FLEX here: Troy-Bilt FLEX
  • Toro: Toro has introduced the SnowMaster. A single stage high output snow thrower with the Personal Pace ground drive. I feel it will replace many of the economy 2-stage models. I will have a review by August 31st.  Check it out here: Toro SnowMaster
  • Honda: They announced last year that they were moving all production to the SWEPSONVILLE, N.C. plant and it looks like the move is done.  The new models have changed considerably. I don’t have all the information yet and I won’t have all the answers until then end of October.

NOTE: Prices listed are approximate and are for comparison only. Please see retailer’s website or brand’s dealer for actual prices. 

Because the list of snow blowers is so large I have broken it into two sections. Please read the Description below to see what list to start with.

Single-Stage Snow Blower Reviews

Single Stage snow throwers are easy to maneuver, transport and store. For light snows the gas powered snow throwers are much faster than a two-stage machine. But they only work on hard surfaces like cement, blacktop and patios. Because they clean right down to the surface they will not work on gravel and may scratch your wood decks. Many owners have both a single stage for light snows and a two-stage for the deep stuff.

Gas powered single stage snow throwers will easily move up to 6 inches of snow and throw it 15-20 feet. A few will clear up to 9-12 inches and throw the snow farther than 20 feet.

Electric and Cordless single stage snow throwers work well for small areas, steps, patios and decks.

Find all the single stage reviews here: Single Stage Snow Blower Reviews

Two-Stage and Three-Stage Snow Blower Reviews Below:

Depending on the model, two-stage snow blowers will move snow up to 22 inches deep and throw it up to 30-55 feet. They work well on hard surfaces and you can adjust them to clear your gravel driveway and the spot on your lawn for your dogs without throwing rocks and grass. Wider models clear large areas faster. Larger impellers and motors on some units throw the snow farther. Power steering, Auto-Turn, heated hand grips, remote chute controls make deluxe snow blowers easy to use.  The two-stage snow blower market is very competitive and you do get what you pay for. More expensive models have more features and many are better built. The best units are durable enough that you will be able to put it in your will for the kids to fight over 🙂

Choose the machine that best suits your needs.

  • 2-stage snow blowers come in  four basic grades. Economy, Residential/Homeowner, Heavy Duty/Landowner, or Professional grade. Will your snow blower only clear your driveway or clear out the entire neighborhood?
  • Decide how much area your snow blower will cover. You can save time with wider widths, or save garage space with smaller sizes.
  • Different grade models tackle different winter weather and typical snows, whether it’s a few inches or fluff or more than two feet of heavy, dense snow.
  • Options like heated hand warmers and snow cabs help when the blizzard hits.

Find all the 2-stage reviews here: 2-Stage Snow Blower Reviews

I’ve started a frequently asked questions page to help you find answers quicker on the site. Go Here: Frequently Asked Questions | MovingSnow