2016 Troy-Bilt Storm 2860 with the new Airless Tires! 2-stage, 243cc, Review!

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2016 Troy-Bilt Storm 2860 with the new Airless Tires!

I am finally getting a few videos done and here is one on the new Troy-Bilt 2860 with the new airless tires. I actually posted it on YouTube 2 weeks ago but I forgot to write a post for it here on MovingSnow!  Anyway,

I have not been discussing the basic snow blowers much for the last 2 years because there has not been any real change.  Up to now they threw snow and most of the time got the job done. But this new snow blower changes the tempo and introduces some well-need features into the economy market.

 This is the first real test of the new Troy-Bilt Storm 2860. This new snow blower replaces the old, tired 2820 economy models. It features the new airless tires, very simple long-lasting chute control, extended chute, hand warmers and no power steering. Of course it has electric start.

I’m not going to get into all the specifications. You can find them here: Storm™ 2860 Snow Thrower

What I like:

This is a good economy snow thrower and I was pleasantly surprised the first time I took it for spin around the driveway. These new airless tires make it very easy to use. This snow blower turns easily, is balanced well and “feels” a lot lighter than it is. Yes, it has good traction on the cement, on gravel and on my neighbor’s lawn. I don’t need or even want power steering with these new tires.

LET ME BE THE FIRST TO SAY: I really want a tire like this on the next new riding mower I buy! They might have to add a center rib so you don’t slide down a side slope but this is the future of L&G tires! 

  • Poly skid shoes are now standard on Troy-Bilt snow blowers. The skid shoes on this snow thrower are the longer, long wearing ones.
  • The hanging chute has a crank for the side-to-side and a lever for the deflector. The crank is quick and the gears will last. The crank stays in place and is easier to use for more people than the old 4-way chute control.
  • The engine has been updated so the controls are all in one place and easier to reach.
  • A new low-tone muffler is noticeably quieter than your old snow blower. This new “Noiseguard” system does not sacrifice power for quiet.
  • Heated Handgrips and they work well!

What I don’t like:

I really don’t have any negatives with this machine but it may not be the best choice for you.

I don’t like the fact that there will be a group of Internet trolls that will make you think twice about buying this snow blower for your average size suburban driveway.  This Troy-Bilt snow blower is not a heavy-duty, high-capacity, blizzard crunching machine. But, it is a well designed, good snow blower for about 80% of the U.S. It will last years with a little maintenance. I have no problems suggesting it for Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Minneapolis, Long Island and New Jersey.

My neighbor has an 20-year-old Yard Machines with a 9 HP Tecumseh. I let him use this snow thrower the last time it snowed. He has a one car 200 foot long asphalt driveway  and a 40 X 40 pad in front of the garage. He also clears a smaller gravel driveway and the plow pile around three mailboxes. He loved it and said this is exactly the snow blower he has been looking for. 

Before you buy one:

Be aware this snow blower will do the job for you but it won’t do it as fast as your son’s $1800 Ariens Platinum SHO. It won’t throw as far as the $3000 Honda. But for the $899 price it’s a really good value machine. It will handle 4-6 inch snows quickly. When you have 10-12 inches you will have to slow down to 1st or 2nd gear. It will take on that 24 inch drift through the middle of your driveway and clear it.

If you have used a snow blower before you know that how far the machine throws the snow is very dependent on the type of snow.  This Troy-Bilt 2860 snow blower is pretty average for that. In other words it throws normal snow well, heavy wet snow ok, really light snow not as far and slush barely at all. Like 95% of the snow blowers on the market, if you step into a pile of snow and it splashes – this machine is not going to throw that slop and will most likely plug. If the snow is that wet you can always use it as a plow to push the slush off to the side.

Be aware it turns easy enough but it does not have power steering. If you have a bad back or you are small you may want to spend a little more and buy a snow blower with power steering.

In Summary: 

This is a nice size snow blower for most driveways that is surprisingly easy to use with the new airless tires.

I consider this an excellent basic snow blower for most areas of the country that get 40-70 inches of snow a year.  It will work well on 2-18 inches of snow and one or two car driveways up to 150 feet long. It can easily be adjusted for cement, black top, gravel driveways. With the long wearing poly skid shoes you can also use it on your stained concrete or nice patio. You can even adjust it for clearing a section of the lawn for your dogs.

Yes, this is a good value, well designed American made snow blower that will last you years on your residential property.

IN FACT: There is no need to even consider a Chinese made snow blower anymore. (A few Chinese made snow blowers – Dirty Hand Tools, DEK, Powersmart, Worldlawn, AAVIX, Amico, and Powerland)

Please watch the video below.


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